Results: Procedures for Finalisation of Assessment Results and Appeals

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Finalisation of results and appeals - procedures

Results are finalised and released to all students at the end of every semester. Students receive their results through their University email account and their myUNSW record. For release dates and review of results procedures, go to the Current Students Results pages.

Course authorities are responsible for assigning a single, final result to each student who has enrolled in any of their courses throughout the semester. This result normally takes the form of a whole mark between 0 and 100 and depending on the result, indicates a particular level of achievement symbolised by a grade category. For a list of grade categories and their corresponding equivalent marks, see Guide To UNSW Grades.

Further information for course authorities and other business units on the process for assigning results at the end of each assessment period can be found in the section Steps taken in finalising results.

Students’ results are treated with the highest level of confidentiality. University staff who are involved in processing students’ results must not disclose any information to unauthorised persons about the results of a particular student, or results or standards of a particular course. If in the case results are displayed, they should be done in such a way that no student can identify another student’s results. This means that student IDs cannot be used because privacy of these cannot be assumed.