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The Results Summary screen allows you to view your results and Academic Standing for a given session.

Please note: During the assessment period, the "Results Summary" screen will only permit you to view results for the most recently completed session. At other times, you will be able to view your results for a maximum of five sessions by selecting a session from the drop-down list located in the top right-hand corner of the screen followed by the "Go" button.

Your term statistics and Academic Standing will only be available once all results for the session within the term have been released.

To view your results

Step 1:

Click the View Results link displayed under "My Student Services" on the "My Student Profile" tab.

Step 2:

Check your Academic Standing level located in the Term Statistics summary.

Step 3:

If an Academic Standing level other than Good or Pending has been recorded for the most recently graded term, an online letter from the Registrar will be made available detailing the University's concerns and providing information about the support services available to you. You are expected to read this letter. To view this letter, click the "View Letter from Registrar" button.

Read more help on Academic Standing.

Please note: Academic Standing does not apply to Research and Non-Award students.


Further Information

See a complete list of all your results on your Academic Statement and further information on Academic Standing.

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