:: Help - Academic Statement  

The Academic Statement screen displays an unofficial record of your academic history. The statement includes details of your program, enrolled courses and results and awards obtained at UNSW.

Please note: Your academic statement cannot be viewed or printed if you have outstanding action items such as an overdue debt to the University or any block on your student account. If action items exist, these will be displayed in place of your academic statement. The action items or blocks must be removed by the University in order to view your academic statement online.

To view and print your Academic Statement:

Step 1:

Click the View Results/Academic Statement link displayed under 'My Student Services' on the 'My Student Profile' tab.

Step 2:

At the bottom of the page, click the 'Here' button to view your academic statement.

Step 3:

Your academic statement will open in a new window. If your statement does not appear, make sure you have allowed pop-ups in your browser and try again.

Further Information

For information on how to obtain an official academic transcript, click here.

For help with commonly used terms at UNSW, refer to the UNSW Glossary.