Acceptable Use of UNSW ICT Resources policy - SUMMARY

Conditions of Use - UNSW ICT Resources

Examples of inappropriate use
Penalties for breaching Conditions of Use
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By accessing and using the ICT resources provided by UNSW, you are agreeing to abide by the 'Acceptable Use of UNSW ICT Resources' policy. View the full text of this policy here.

Note: You are agreeing to the full policy and NOT just this summary.

These conditions cover use of all UNSW information and communication technologies such as:

  • The University network (including wireless access)
  • Desktop and laptop computers
  • PDAs
  • Software and peripherals
  • Telephone equipment (including mobile phones)
  • Personally-owned equipment when it is connected to the University network

Access to the University's ICT resources is made available for teaching, research and administrative purposes, and other specifically authorised activities.

Use of the resources must be ethical, legal and responsible at all times, including limited incidental personal use.

The University reserves the right to limit access to its networks through University-owned or other computers and to remove or limit access to material and resources stored on University-owned computers (or accessed via the internet from within the University network).


As a user of these resources, you are subject to the following conditions:

Respect for Intellectual Property and Copyright: You agree to comply with the copyright and intellectual property rights of others.

Legal and Ethical Use of ICT Resources: Use of the University’s ICT resources is subject to the full range of State and Federal legislation, as well as current UNSW policies. You must ensure that your use of University ICT resources is legal and ethical at all times.

Security and Privacy: UNSW employs various measures to protect the security and privacy of its ICT resources and user accounts, as described in the Policy document. The University reserves the right to inspect material on its ICT resources when investigating a breach or when required by formal legal disclosure requests, but does not routinely inspect files.
You agree to protect UNSW ICT systems, information and accounts by: using your access only as authorised; keeping your account details confidential; keeping virus protection and operating system/security patches up to date; using only authorised and licensed software programs and; promptly reporting any breach in system or network security to your system administrator.

Examples of inappropriate use

Examples of inappropriate use include (but are not limited to):

  • Making/using illegal copies of a licensed computer programme;
  • Downloading, copying, storing or transmitting copyrighted material such as music, graphic, video or movie files without the express permission of the copyright holder or as permitted by law;
  • Using another’s login or password, or allowing others to use yours;
  • Gaining unauthorised access to systems by any means, including port scans, ‘hacking’ and use of ‘password sniffer’ software;
  • Using UNSW ICT resources to attack or compromise any other system, whether on or off-campus, including circumventing system security or protection measures;
  • Knowingly propagating or installing computer viruses or malicious code;
  • Accessing or intercepting others’ electronic communications without permission;
  • Creating/sending email under another’s name (forgery); creating/sending/forwarding electronic chain letters, unsolicited broadcast emails ('Spam'), obscene, abusive, fraudulent, threatening or repetitive messages;
  • Using ICT resources to harass, threaten, defame, vilify or discriminate against any group or individual;
  • Causing intentional or irresponsible damage to ICT resources, or stealing equipment;
  • Making excessive personal use of ICT resources (see Section 4.2.3 of Policy document for examples of acceptable personal incidental use);
  • Deliberately or negligently accessing, preparing, storing, displaying or transmitting of material that: is obscene, pornographic or paedophilic; is discriminatory or vilificatory; promotes illegal acts, or that advocates violence; is offensive or potentially unlawful; or promotes/allows online gambling - unless this material is a requisite component of an approved course of study or research program
Penalties for breaching Conditions of Use

Penalties will depend upon the type and severity of breach. Penalties may range from loss or restriction of ICT access, to formal University disciplinary action for breach of Student Code Policy (students) or Code of Conduct (staff). Misuse of ICT resources by students may attract financial penalties. Cases of serious, deliberate, and/or criminal breach will be referred to external authorities and may result in civil or criminal proceedings.

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