Units of Credit (UOC)

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Units of Credit (UOC) and student workload

UNSW students

The University’s academic structure is based on units of credit (UOC): every Course in the University has a UOC value. Program requirements are defined, in part, in terms of the completion of a specified number of UOC.

Full-time enrolment for one year is defined as 48 UOC (24 per Semester). Irrespective of Program or Stage in which a Course is taken, it has the same UOC value and generates the same load for student contribution charges and fees. All courses are measured in whole UOC.

The normal workload expectations of a student are approximately 25 hours per Semester for each UOC, including class contact hours, other learning activities, preparation and time spent on all assessable work. Thus for a full-time enrolled student, the average workload across the 16 weeks of teaching, study and examination periods equates to approximately 37.5 hours per week.

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