Student ID card

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NOTE for ADFA students: Please log into the Student Gateway for information on obtaining your ADFA card.

All students enrolling at UNSW are issued with a Student Identification Card. Carry this whenever you are on campus. You use your Student ID Card to borrow books from the University Libraries and to use other University services. Your card is valid for 3 years, as long as you are enrolled for that time.

You are required to display your Student ID Card in examination rooms for the duration of the examination.

Get your Student ID Card from FM Assist on campus.

Note: You must provide photo identification such as a driver’s licence or passport when seeking a new or replacement Student ID Card and/or in special circumstances where your Student ID Card does not satisfactorily verify your identity.

Student ID Card Conditions of Use
  1. The card must be carried at the University at all times, and shown on request to a UNSW staff member fulfilling the requirements of their duties. It must be presented when borrowing from the University libraries, when using Library facilities and when applying for concessions. The card is encoded by University Security to allow building access.
  2. The card is not transferable.
  3. Do not give your ID card to others to use. If there is misuse of your card, it will be identified back to your name. If security staff identify a misuse of a student ID card, the card will be confiscated and a report will be sent to the Student Conduct Officer. A fine of $25 will be payable for the return of the card to the student.
  4. The student to whom the card has been issued must notify FM Assist (located in the Mathews Building, F23) of its loss or theft. Failure to do so may result in the cardholder being held responsible for items issued on the card after its loss or theft.
  5. The card is, in most cases, valid for University purposes until March of the year after the year of issue.
  6. The cardholder accepts responsibility for all Library books issued on his/her card and agrees to return books by the due date, and to abide by the Library Conditions of Use.
  7. If the card is damaged or becomes otherwise unusable, it is the cardholder’s responsibility to replace it.
  8. The card always remains the property of the University.