Admission to UNSW

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Admission Enquiries
Admission Procedures, incl. Program Transfer
Admission with Credit Transfer
Multiple enrolment

Admission Enquiries

Kensington Campus
College of Fine Arts (COFA)

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UNSW Canberra at ADFA

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Admission Procedures

The procedures for applying to UNSW vary depending on whether you are applying for an Undergraduate or Postgraduate program, and are a domestic or international applicant:
Domestic applicants are Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or New Zealand citizens.
International applicants are citizens of a country other than Australia or New Zealand.

Check the following options:

Undergraduate Programs - all applicants

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Postgraduate Coursework Programs - Domestic applicants
Postgraduate Coursework Programs - International applicants
Postgraduate Research Programs - all applicants

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Undergraduate Internal Program Transfers

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Postgraduate Program Transfers

Please complete this Postgraduate Internal Program Transfer Form.
You will be notified in writing of the result of your application.

Non-Award and cross-institutional study

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Admission with Credit Transfer

Undergraduate degrees
Postgraduate Coursework degrees and diplomas
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Multiple enrolment

The University has laid down the following rules on multiple enrolment:


No person shall be permitted to enrol in a degree, diploma or certificate course at the University of New South Wales at the same time as he/she is enrolled for any other degree, diploma or certificate in the University or at any other tertiary institution, except with the approval of the faculty or faculties concerned.

2. The Registrar may suspend from enrolment any student who is found to be enrolled, without approval, in more than one degree, diploma or certificate course.