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Since course grade distributions are not published, the Gumleaf Diagram below provides a way for students at UNSW to estimate their approximate ranking given their final grade in a course.

The diagram represents a composite plot of the cumulative distributions of courses assessed in 2008 (there are slight variations each year). The shaded area represents the middle 75% of all distributions; its resemblance to the shape of a Eucalyptus (gum tree) leaf gives the diagram its name.

The dashed red line is the median distribution over all courses.

Horizontal grid lines are drawn at each 5% of the cumulative distribution, with distinctive boundaries drawn at the ECTS cut-off points.

How to use the gumleaf diagram

The diagram gives a range of percentiles corresponding to any UNSW mark, and also shows the corresponding ECTS and conservative US letter grades. For example, if you received a mark of 80 (Distinction, see diagram at right), the vertical line at that value intersects the gumleaf region at about 40% and 8% on the vertical scale. Your ranking would probably lie within these bounds.

For a single estimate, use the intersection with the dashed red median line at 20%. The corresponding ECTS grade is B, or an A on a conservative US scale. Similarly, a 65 Credit is near the lower third of passing grades, a borderline C in the ECTS scheme (or US B-).



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