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Availability of results

Results are emailed to your zMail account after examinations have finished for each semester - Semester 1: July; Semester 2: December; Summer Term: February.

Official release dates for results are listed in Key Dates.

Do you have an outstanding debt?

You will be denied your course results if you have any outstanding debts with the University. Read more...

Do you have withheld results?

You must contact your course authority if you receive any withheld results. Withheld results are indicated by a grade category of WC or WD.

View deadlines for finalising withheld results here.

Results not finalised by the set deadline will be converted to a grade of NC which signifies that assessment in the course was not completed.

Do you need a review of your results?

Students may make an application for the review of a result for any of their assessment.

A review of a result may take one of two forms:

  • Type A: Checking a mark - An administrative check that all marks have been included in the final composite mark.
  • Type B: Re-assessment - An academic re-assessment of a piece of work.

If you wish to request a re-assessment of a piece of work, you must first discuss your performance with the course examiner. If you still believe that the mark you have received does not reflect your performance you may apply for re-assessment.

You are required to give reasons to justify your request for re-assessment. Where insufficient reasons are given, the Assessment Review Group of the Faculty may decline to take action.

Please note that if you request a re-assessment of your result, this will include a check of the addition of marks. In either case the review may result in the mark going up or down.

If you would like to have your results reviewed, please submit a Review of Results application (pdf) to Student Central. The application must be submitted to Student Central no later than 15 working days after the return of the piece of work, or in the case of an exam, 15 working days from the date of release of results.

Keep all marked work in case it is needed for re-marking.

Further information in this section

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