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New Users

 1. How do I log in to myUNSW?

 2. How do I get a UniPass and zPass?


All Users

 3. Login problems

 4. Lost or forgotten UniPass or zPass

 5. How to change your UniPass or zPass

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1. I'm a new user - how do I log in to myUNSW?

You need a valid User ID (Staff or Student Number) and password: new students who have not yet enrolled in any classes and former staff who still have myUNSW access use UniPass. Continuing students and current staff use zPass. See question 2. for information on setting up your passwords.

Students: read more about getting passwords here. | Staff: read more about getting passwords here.

Step 1: Go to myUNSW

Step 2: Click the Sign On button to go to Web Single Sign On (WSSO)

Step 3: Enter your User ID: 'z' followed by your Staff/Student Number (e.g. z1234567)

Step 4: Enter your UniPass or zPass (see the start of this section to determine which of these you should use).

Step 5: Click the Sign On button.

Please note: The system will lock you out if you attempt to log in using the wrong User ID or password too many times. If you are locked out by the system, you must contact the IT Service Centre.


2. I'm a new user - how do I get a UniPass and zPass?

New students

If you are tracking your online application go to UNSW Identity Manager (IDM) and create your UniPass, then log in as outlined in question 1. You do not need a zPass yet.

If you are accepting an offer go to Accept Online (link following), find the student profile that is appropriate to you and click on the 'View acceptance and enrolment instructions here' link. You will find instructions on creating your UniPass and accepting your offer. During the acceptance process you will be prompted to create your zPass. After you have enrolled in at least one class and then logged out of myUNSW, all future access will be with zPass. This will be explained to you again as you accept your offer and enrol.

Go to Accept Online here.


View information and instructions here.


3. Login problems

For all technical problems, including login, please contact the IT Service Centre
Tel: +61 2 9385 1333
Email: itservicecentre@unsw.edu.au.


4. Lost or forgotten UniPass or zPass

Call the IT Service Centre on 9385 1333 or go to the IT Assistance Counter, behind the Library on the Kensington campus.


5. How to change your UniPass or zPass


Click here for UniPass | Click here for zPass


Click here for UniPass | Click here for zPass


6. How to log out

Always remember to logout when you have finished using myUNSW by selecting the Log Out button, located in the top right-hand corner of each myUNSW tab (i.e. Home, My Student/Staff Profile etc).

If you have more than one browser tab or window open, remember to close them all to ensure that you are fully logged out of all Single Sign On applications (if applicable).